Collage Sculptures Gallery

"Song of Joy"
6x16", 15x41cm

"Dance of Re-Creation"
36x14", 91x35cm

"Goddess of the Re-Birth"
36x14", 91x35cm

"Shattered Dreams"
36x14", 91x35cm

"Sacred Places"
38x14", 97x36cm

"Ancient Spirits"
41x14", 104x36cm

37x14", 94x36cm

"Dancing Towards Eternity"
36x14", 91x36cm

"Dream Towers"
46x14", 117x36cm

"Offering Sacred Winds"

45x12", 114x30cm

"Song For My Father"
18x13", 46x33cm

"Dream of Distant Lands"
20x32x", 51x81cm

"Personage Midnight Air"
33x14", 84x36cm

"Rites of Passage"
42x14", 107x36cm

"Ancient Kingdoms"
24x30", 61x76cm